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⚠️Trigger topic comin' in hot⚠️

Some say glyphosate is harming people and others (including the EPA) say that is "fear -mongering" to even suggest so. Years ago I did a post on glyphosate and people got really triggered over it. So, to keep people from being triggered, I am going to suggest our views on it and if you don't agree that's okay.

From our perspective, glyphosate is bad. It isn't that the body can't process chemicals like glyphosate, it is that it is another negative piece of a much broader attack on the microbiome. It is trickling into all our food, water, etc. When and if people are consuming small amounts of glyphosate daily in food and water, then it may have a more serious effect on people's bodies.

The research that does seem unarguably reliable suggests that glyphosate disrupts the microbiome and causes inflammatory problems, which are never good things. But high doses of sugar will also cause these issues. So, is glyphosate consumption more harmful than poor diet choices? That information is not necessarily available.

We suggest immunoglobulins and spore-forming probiotics are good for helping process and eliminate substances not great for the body. Spore forming probiotics can also help rescue short-chain fatty acids that are harmed by chemicals. Also, MucoSave™ helps build a protective physical barrier to prevent microorganisms and noxious substances from reaching the epithelial layer.

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