Why is constipation so difficult to overcome? - gut health, probiotics, laxatives, digestion, slow motility

Constipation products and protocols don't work. Why? ⁠
They focus on forced motility OR they focus on gut imbalances ONLY with probiotics. It is very tough to clean up something that is clogged up. ⁠

There are 4 keys to helping with constipation issues:⁠
1) Motility activation (not forced motility dependency provided by laxatives)⁠
2) Soothing and calming the system. When the system is flared up it is going to be clogged up. Motility issues are an inflammatory issue. ⁠
3) Lubrication. A dry colon produces dry waste that causes painful bowel movements.⁠
4) Microbial imbalances. It is good to begin improving imbalances, but not with probiotics initially. ⁠

We suggest the Constipation Plus Kit with 4 additional bottles of Upper GI Relief for 90 days. You will take 5 Upper GI Relief capsules morning and night with or without food. You will take the rest of the products based upon the instructions on the bottles. If you have not had fiber (even a low FODMAP prebiotic fiber) in a long time, please start slowly with the Sensitive Gut Fiber: 1/4 of a scoop for the first week. ⁠

If your stomach is super sensitive, like gastritis sensitive or just can't handle new ingredients, please don't buy the Constipation Plus Kit. Please ask us for the "ease into it protocol" for sensitive stomachs and slow motility issues. ⁠

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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