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Does anyone else struggle with irritability? You know what I am talking about. I am talking about those days you just want to hit a co-worker or smash your car into the person driving 15 miles under the speed limit in the fast lane. You know who you are.

Maybe you get a little too anxious about being late somewhere and freak out. Maybe you wish your weird neighbor would agree to a UFC-style fight to "resolve things?" Does this sound familiar to anyone? If you are a "passionate" person, hear me out. You may be able to take that edge away and regain some control without antidepressants.

Stress Complex was a game changer for me (in 6-8 weeks). Refs and opposing coaches in football playoffs were "just doing their best." The person locking up traffic was no longer an inconsiderate idiot but someone who was enjoying their drive home. My teenagers' crazy strange emotional responses were suddenly "teenagers being teenagers." Looking through the lens of someone who found themself suddenly calm, calculated, and poised was very odd and wonderful. I never want to go back.

I worked my way up to 2 Stress Complex capsules per day. I stayed with 1 capsule for about 4 weeks. I then moved to 2 capsules. It works awesome.

I have tested stress products/ingredients for years and years. Honestly, I either didn't notice them or they made me more irritable. Stress Complex was noticeable at about 6 weeks. By week 12 I was calm and collected. I love it.

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