Digestive Enzymes - gut health, bloating, gas

3 reasons our microbiologist formulated Digestive Enzyme:

1️⃣ While we were trying to help customers build up their own digestion again via robust gut restoration protocols, they needed help fully breaking down foods to help reduce discomfort.
2️⃣ Customers desperately needed to improve nutrient absorption ASAP.
3️⃣ Silver Fern™ owners and customers wanted to maximize protein absorption for better muscle building results and better digestive comfort of proteins.

Digestive Enzyme hit all these marks. It is a full coverage broad spectrum enzyme. We have had it for more than 8 years and it is one of our most popular products.

If you'd like more info, please DM us on Instagram #DigestiveEnzyme.

If you have all sorts of gut health issues and need a full gut health protocol, please DM us #Protocol.

All protocols focus on restoring healthy microbial balance.
All protocols focus on restoring food tolerance. All protocols focus on gut barrier integrity (for those worried about leaky gut). All protocols help restore healthy inflammatory responses. All protocols help restore healthy immune function. All protocols help cleanout a wide range of bad stuff (candida, mold, mycotoxins, archaea overgrowth, hydrogen producing bacteria overgrowth, parasites, heavy metals, etc.) *

Protocols are big because we go big for big results. We don't just kind of do products or protocols.

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