Saffron, antidepressants and libido - mental health, depression, anxiety

Antidepressants do come with side effects (dang it).

Saffron may help with some of these side effects. At least the science and what we found in our pre-launch product testing suggests that saffron does.

Not all saffron quality is the same. Just FYI.

But for those on antidepressants looking to get their system back online while taking antidepressants, you may want to consider talking with your provider about it or even doing some research on your own.

If you want our approach to helping with stress or have questions, please send us a DM with #Stress on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

Yes, the saffron we use was used initially to help with stress, mood, sleep, etc. We just found it may help with other things too.

Give it a try. Give it some time (6-8 weeks). And you're welcome. 😉

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