Broad spectrum digestive enzymes - gut health, bloating, nutrient absorption

What should you expect from a digestive enzyme?

(1) Help reduce discomfort
(2) Improve digestion
(3) Maximize nutrient absorption
(4) Complete protein breakdown of protein to amino acid
(5) Help with digestion through the entire system

Silver Fern™ Brand's Digestive Enzymes are a broad spectrum enzyme with full intestinal coverage for maximum benefit.*

If you'd like more info, please DM us on Instagram #DigestiveEnzyme.

If you have all sorts of gut health issues and need a full gut health protocol, please DM us #Protocol.

All protocols focus on restoring healthy microbial balance.
All protocols focus on restoring food tolerance. All protocols focus on gut barrier integrity (for those worried about leaky gut). All protocols help restore healthy inflammatory responses. All protocols help restore healthy immune function. All protocols help cleanout a wide range of bad stuff (candida, mold, mycotoxins, archaea overgrowth, hydrogen producing bacteria overgrowth, parasites, heavy metals, etc.) *

Protocols are big because we go big for big results. We don't just kinda do products or protocols.

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