Signs of Eczema - gut health, gut-skin axis

You may be familiar with leaky gut. Did you know you can also have "leaky skin?"

Eczema is a 4 part problem:
1) Immune system issue
2) Skin barrier issue (leaky skin)
3) Allergies and/or asthma (immune system issue)
4) Elevated stress/cortisol (which suppresses the immune system and increases inflammation causing eczema to worsen)

When the immune system is malfunctioning a lot of problems surface. Eczema issues are one of them. Having been someone with a bad immune system myself, I know for a fact how nice it is to have these issues "helped." I no longer have to worry every time my kids come home with a cold.

“One bigger theory is attributed to Professor C. Akdis and his remarkable epithelial hypothesis: in short, the first problem is a leaky gut and leaky skin barrier, and then the bacterial imbalance (dysbiosis) follows that. A number of environmental factors, including things like microplastics and pollutants seem to contribute to this..."
Dr. Peter Lio, clinical assistant professor of dermatology and pediatrics
Medical News Today

To help with skin issues (from a gut perspective), you need to help restore balance, strengthen the gut barrier, restore healthy inflammatory responses, and restore normal immune responses. All of our protocols help with these things.

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