Artichoke Leaf Extract - gut health,

We love Artichoke Leaf Extract (ALE) for so many reasons, which is why its in two of our products (Upper GI Relief and Motility). This herbal extract is diverse, so pairing it with specific other ingredients can help target different mechanisms in the body.  

ALE's most famous benefit is its ability to stimulate bile production in the liver, and promote bile release from the gallbladder. Healthy bile flow has many health benefits, and its honestly pretty underrated! That is because bile is a substance that carriers toxins out of the body in the final phase of detoxification. It also helps break down fat and can stimulate motility.

ALE is used for issues such as functional dyspepsia, constipation and liver issues. It is even shown to support healthy glucose and blood lipids.

For being a single ingredient, this extract really does pack a big punch!

Try it in Upper GI Relief or Motility today.

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