Signs of malabsorption - gut health, digestive enzymes, reflux, Mucosave®

What did our microbiologist suggest first to help with malabsorption? Digestive Enzymes.

He found the industry-leading enzyme product (which I won't mention here, but we still like it) and then formulated something better. Thus, our Digestive Enzyme was created.

The next thing our science team suggested was to rebuild the mucosal barrier of the small intestine. You probably wondered why a product called "Reflux" would be in the suggestion in slide 4? Reflux (and Regularity) contain MucoSave®. MucoSave® is key to helping make the mucosal barrier stronger and the small intestine "sticky" for nutrients.

Now, on to the big picture.
The Keys To Nutrient Absorption:
1) Enough enzymes to break down foods completely
2) Stomach acid to break down foods
3) A healthy microbiome
4) A healthy gut barrier

If your gut is unhealthy, it affects your pancreas. An unhealthy pancreas does not produce enzymes.

Beneficial bacteria produce enzymes. When they are insufficient so are your enzymes.

When you have low stomach acid (or are living on acid blockers) you are in trouble. This can be resolved and should.

An unhealthy bacteria composition not only causes low stomach acid, but also affects nutrient absorption and your gut barrier (mucus layer, mucosal barrier, and epithelial layer).

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