Protocol for gastritis discomforts, ulcer issues, h. pylori & candida overgrowth without constipation - gut health, reflux, cleanse

You've asked specifically for this protocol.

Many customers have asked me to provide a protocol that would "knock the 💩 out of" these issues. One of them said they were so tired of messing around with their issues. They asked for an aggressive protocol. This is it.

Please note, the number of bottles listed on the second slide is the amount you will need for a 30-day supply. This protocol is a 90-day protocol, we highly recommend getting on the subscribe and save program so you don't run out (plus you save💰️). Consistency is HUGE so you don't want to run out.

I've also been asked why I don't make these protocols into posts.
So we'll start here.

Here are the links to Reflux, Cleanse, and Nano Scrub.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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