Improving gut health through exercise - gut health, leaky gut, nutrient absorption

Intense and prolonged exercise can negatively impact gut lining integrity (leaky gut) and the microbiome.

Here's the key. Moderate exercise is great for the gut.

If you are doing intense and rigorous exercise regularly you may very well need a very good gut health protocol to pair it with, That's just the science.

Here is another thought:
Heavy exercise requires good nutrient absorption for rebuilding muscle.
Poor gut health (weak/damaged mucosal barrier in the small intestine) causes poor nutrient absorption.
Wouldn't you want to pair a science-based gut build-up protocol with your exercise and healthy diet to make all those nutrients you are eating work for you? I would think so.

Finally, leaky gut (aka increased gut permeability) is associated with lower muscle mass.🤯This is supported by 6 research studies. If you are trying to build muscle you don't want to make it harder on yourself. Don't you want a gut integrity protocol to go with your program?

If you are a person who works out hard several days a week, please send us a DM with #BuildUP on Instagram @silverfernbrand. We will share the gut "Build Up" protocol we suggest for athletes.

If you aren't sure where to start with your gut health issues, please send us a DM with #Protocol.

All our protocols effectively help with gut barrier integrity (for those of you worried about leaky gut) and nutrient absorption.

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