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Remodeling the gut is like remodeling a home, it's a process - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, sibo, diarrhea, constipation

Correcting serious stomach issues requires a full remodeling:
▪️ Starting in the right spot with the right products (not assuming probiotics are the end all be all for gut health)
▪️ Loading heavy upfront
▪️ Consistency
The goal is to clean up everything and rebuild it to get to a maintenance phase. Think about how much easier it is to manage a new clean home than a “fixer upper.”
My experience is that when people fail it is because they started in the wrong spot, they don’t go aggressive enough, and the struggles
along the way require consistency and time (just like a full remodeling), which is discouraging so people stop prematurely.
Quick “projects” won’t “remodel” the stomach. And a ground up home remodeling doesn’t necessarily look good in the beginning, but the end result is beautiful and amazing.
Also, sometimes things get worse before they get better. That’s part of the process. This is the reality of correcting anything of importance.
Think of it this way, the demolition process part of a home remodeling is ugly, inconvenient, and messy. But it is required to do substantial home modifications. Addressing major stomach issues requires substantial changes too.
Please do gut health right.

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