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Silver Fern Brand has a different approach to addressing SIBO - bacteria overgrowth, probiotics, GERD, IBS, candida, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, food sensitivities

SIBO issues can linger, with no end in sight. And isn’t it interesting how frequently SIBO and other issues overlap?
At Silver Fern™ Brand, we approach SIBO a bit differently than everyone else.
Why might all these issues be overlapping? Because the underlying problems are the same.
In many cases with gut health, probiotics and prebiotics are not the place to start EVEN IF THEY HAVE CLINICAL DATA SAYING THEY WORK GREAT AT ADDRESSING THOSE SPECIFIC ISSUES.
For issues like bacteria overgrowth, bad heartburn and reflux, persistent diarrhea and constipation, etc. the first part of the process isn’t to start with probiotics.
Why are we more successful at helping people than other companies? Aside from the products themselves, we work harder to start our customers in the right place for gut health.
SIBO issues? Let us know. We will send over what our suggestions
for helping address it.

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