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What should you do if you feel like the products aren't working - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, cleanse

I have been in your shoes, years ago when I started my gut health journey I was tired, frustrated, and ready to be done. When I respond to messages I remember very clearly what that felt like and respond from that place.
“What do I do if the products aren’t working?”
Occasionally, people ask why the product(s) isn’t working or suggest that they aren’t sure if they are doing something wrong because they aren’t seeing results yet. To be fair, we are fortunate to have mostly nice customers (thank you so much for that) so the requests are mostly super nice and kind.
While we are a business (so one of our goals is to sell products), our business only grows if you are succeeding and seeing results. So the win-win relationship is for us to make sure you see results.
Here are some responses I frequently work through with customers.
The first things I ask are, “What are you taking? What are you taking it for? What dosing are you taking? How long have you taken it for?”
If a person is having die-off effect from the probiotics or Cleanse, I ask them to temporarily reduce the dosing and push through because the side effects mean the products are working.
If a person has something like severe diarrhea or heartburn/reflux and they are in a lot of pain/discomfort, I literally ask them to double or triple the dosing of Upper GI Relief and/or Cleanse for the next 30 days. I know that is a lot. But it works.
Occasionally, I suggest the same thing for the use of the probiotics and prebiotics. Sometimes a person has mild issues and isn’t seeing success, but they have only been on the products a couple of weeks. Most of our products take some time to work. I wish that wasn’t the case, but it is.
For things like allergies, food intolerances, immune flare ups, etc. please be patient with the programs. They do work, but they aren’t like flipping on a light switch. Improving gut health is like a multi-phase home project that requires specific steps to be followed in an orderly fashion before a person starts to see things really “look” good.

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