Parasite Issue Protocols - gut health, microbiome

Parasites are nasty! They are even more harmful than bad bacteria. ⁠

It has taken us years to come up with an effective way of helping manage these massive problems. It was not easy. Because parasite problems frequently overlap with bacteria and fungal imbalances too, we built our protocols to hit a full "management" of all of the issues. ⁠

There are two pathogen problem protocols:⁠
1) Pathogen Problem - Really Bad Diarrhea - Protocol⁠
2) Pathogen Problem Protocol ⁠

If you are really anxious to be rid of these problems once and for all, you may tempted to skip step 1 of the protocol. DON'T. We find that when people start too aggressively with the Nano Scrub and they have a bad gut imbalance problem it can be uncomfortable. Flu like discomforts of uncomfortable. When a lot of bad stuff is being disassembled and escorted out of the system quickly it isn't a super happy moment for the bad stuff. We have learned this over and over again helping a lot of people. Please go nice and gentle into the protocol. ⁠

Unlike other protocols, when you're done you should be done. This is not a life-long protocol. This protocol was made to be effective and simple in three steps.⁠

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand, or visit for our protocols.

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