Why are reflux and heartburn so hard to get rid of? - gut health, reflux, heartburn, acid blockers

Do you know why blocking acid doesn't make sense?

High stomach acid comes from 3 causes that are very rare (Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome, gastric outlet obstruction, and chronic kidney failure) or 2 causes that you help address if you are addressing low stomach acid correctly (H. pylori overgrowth and rebound effect from acid blockers).

Why not just help the underlying issues that are most likely at fault? FYI - that isn't a single product answer.

There are about 10 causes of reflux and heartburn. And blocking acid long-term isn't the answer to any of them.

Gastritis is an inflamed mucosal barrier.

Gastroparesis is slow gastric emptying (slow motility of the stomach).

H. pylori is a bacteria that when overgrown tears down the mucosal barrier (which causes gastritis and low stomach acid).

Low stomach acid means your mucosal barrier is weak and/or damaged, prohibiting it from protecting against acid and secreting acid.

Indigestion (dyspepsia) and ulcers mean that your stomach lining is worn down. Once again, this is a stomach lining/mucosal barrier issue.

To sum up, you need:
1️⃣ Good motility of the stomach
2️⃣ A strong and healthy mucosal barrier
3️⃣ To manage H. pylori
That's the magical combination. 🪄

If you have a hiatal hernia, please consider a massage therapist or chiropractor that specializes in that issue. If they can't help then turn to a doctor.

Do the first 2 steps in the slow motility/reflux/heartburn/gastritis protocol. They will be most effective at helping with these issues to say goodbye to digestive discomforts.

Your gut should be really good and cleaned up by the end of step 2.

How do you get off of acid blockers?

You ease off of them slowly. Don't abruptly stop taking them. 🙅Stay on the acid blockers for about 4 weeks and then ease off of them slowly (a little bit at a time). You need your protective mucosal barrier (shield) up before dropping acid blockers.

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