Nano Scrub, ya, it's THAT good. - gut health, nanoAG404

There is a reason Nano Scrub is in all of our protocols. Ya, it's THAT good.

1) I literally can't find a product with more research and manufacturer protections on it for safety.

2) It is very effective against all the bad stuff in the gut: bacterial, fungal, parasitical, etc. but does not kill the good stuff. The good stuff in the gut has a different outer protective system and for some reason (which is still unknown) the Nano Scrub doesn't pop it or tear it apart like it does with the protective systems of bad stuff in the gut.

Per the research, the good stuff stays alive and well with the Nano Scrub. In our opinion, ground zero for gut problems is gut imbalances where there is a lot more bad stuff than good stuff. Nano Scrub is the most effective way we have found to hit the bad stuff and not hit the good stuff. We find it to be significantly more effective than herbs, spices, binders, etc. for cleaning up the gut. (But we do love pairing Nano Scrub with Cleanse, which is a binder. They're the perfect pair.)

3) Variations of the exact same Nano Scrub ingredient have been used for well over 30 years by people. There have literally been millions of bottles of variations of this products sold. Other than the discomforts associated with how effective it is, we are unaware of any other issues associated with it. But the discomforts mean it's working and won't last forever.

4) Our microbiome researcher/gut experts love it and use it. They have their families use it. Would they use it if they felt it was unsafe? Probably not.

I am personally not one to trust most people, definitely a skeptic. I get it. But from our perspective, we can't find more credible and science supported ingredients than what we use that are manufactured by solid, well known and reputable groups.

All our manufacturing is in the USA too. Everything with and about Nano Scrub originates in the USA.

You can get Nano Scrub here. If you have any questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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