3 types of SIBO, and why don't antibiotics work - gut health, bloating, gas

Why doesn't anything ever help your SIBO issues completely?

Let's start off with the basics.

There are 4 causes of SIBO problems, not 1. Gut imbalances are only one cause of SIBO issues and those imbalances are in part or in whole caused by the other causes of SIBO, so they all need to be addressed.

More than 50%. This is the likelihood that your SIBO issues will either not go away or will return shortly after antibiotic use for addressing SIBO because antibiotics do not help with

❌ Low stomach acid

❌ Decreased bile acid

❌ Slow motility

The Cleveland Clinic suggests that SIBO discomforts are likely to return several months after antibiotics if the underlying issues are not fully addressed.

In most instances (except for the instance of ONLY really bad diarrhea SIBO), we ask you to start your gut SIBO protocol in the stomach with stomach acid, gastritis problems, low stomach acid, and H. pylori problems. This is the more correct approach to helping with SIBO issues.

Most people want to "spot help" SIBO, directing all efforts to the small intestine by attacking bad bacteria. This approach doesn't address the majority of the causes of SIBO, nor does it take into account that methane SIBO is caused by archeae, not bacteria. While archeae can be addressed with antibiotics, most antibiotic approaches to methane SIBO are insufficient for archeae.

Are probiotics the correct approach to helping with SIBO problems? Not in steps 1 and 2 for sure. Eventually you'll get there but to start, let's go with "not yet."

Finally, what are the odds that if you have one imbalance you have others? Pretty high.

For example, when healthy bacteria levels are disrupted and the immune system is unhealthy, this is when candida tend to overproduce. Therefore, shouldn't your SIBO protocol assume that there very well may be other imbalances that also need addressing? We think so.

Your protocol is either going to be complete or partial. Partial protocols are why so many people finish helping their SIBO issues yet still remain bloated, constipated, and uncomfortable. 

You can get a complete protocol for SIBO issues here. If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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