Is your fad diet working against you? - gut health, weight loss, metabolism

Are you a past yo-yo dieter? Me too! I did fad diets for years.

It turns out I was going opposite of where I needed to go all along. With weight loss (like gut health), slow and steady wins the race. I know this isn't the sexy answer everyone is looking for. I definitely wasn't. But when you throw extreme diets and exercising at yourself you make things worse and you end up quitting (because a crappy diet and exercise program aren't sustainable).

For years, every January I'd get all worked up and excited to finally get my fat butt in shape. I'd crank on the new diet for 4 to 6 weeks. I'd start seeing results (heck yeah). And then life would return to normal: vacations, dinner with friends and family, holidays, anxiety eating, missing foods, etc. The weight always came back.

It wasn't until our dietitians had me focus on gut health and a balanced approach to fat loss that everything started to work. There were no extreme diets, food restrictions, and calorie counting.

Silver Fern™ Brand will be focused in 2023 on a gut health system to program the gut to be a fat burning machine. We are testing ingredients right now for this program. We will work on it till we have an effective answer and we will have tested it before we launch the program. Stay tuned!

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