Where should you start with gut health? - probiotics, immunoglobulins

"Just take a good probiotic."

If you don't have very many (or any) stomach issues, this works. But what if you do? That's not the best place to start if you have stomach issues.

BTW - just because we're not telling people to start with probiotics doesn't mean that we don't believe they are important. Probiotics are VERY important. But they need to be used in the right order. How many people have ongoing stomach issues and take a probiotic every day? A lot. If it worked, wouldn't it be working for them?

How well is a probiotic going to clean and build up the gut if the system is all clogged? There is far more research showing that immunoglobulins bind to and eliminate toxins than what aggressive gut management probiotic strains kill. Again, probiotics definitely have their place, but its a process not an event. If you follow the correct order, you'll see results. If you don't, you'll have ongoing issues.

Please follow the suggestions in the slides. They provide a step by step plan for what works. They include the suggested steps for issues with:
✅bad constipation
✅leaky gut
✅microbial imbalances
✅food intolerances & sensitivity

It works. It helps the underlying issues. It isn't a magical one and done pill. Again, its process not an event.

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