If acid blockers aren't for you, there are options to help relieve GERD & LPR issues - gut health, heartburn, reflux

There are ways to address GERD, Gastritis, EOE and LPR issues without loading up on acid blockers for the rest of your life. If not an acid blocker, then what?

1️⃣ To start, do NOT abruptly stop taking acid blockers. If you desire to stop taking them, you will want to ease off of them over 4-6 weeks. Acid blockers form dependency issues.

2️⃣ Use the right bitter herb ingredients like MucoSave™ that are shown to help soothe, calm, and restore the mucosal barrier. It is very difficult to correct something that is extremely flared up. If you love your acid blockers, great. This post isn't about talking you off of anything. It is suggesting a different approach.

3️⃣ It takes time🕒️. Using a plan to help with underlying issues will not be a same day or even 30 day solution for some. To be far, acid blockers are cheap and work quickly. This approach addresses underlying issues and works to relieve dependency on acid blockers.

4️⃣ Dosing of the right ingredients matters. If your system is really flared up, you have had issues for some time, and are reliant upon acid blockers, you are NOT going to see everything change in a week from a maintenance dose of bitter herbs. To stop them takes some very aggressive upfront work.

Once again, this post is not trying to convince anyone to stop taking acid blockers. This is for those who are looking for an alternative to their acid blockers. If you love your acid blockers there is no need to leave unfriendly comments testifying of your love of acid blockers, be kind.✌🏼

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