If your system is unbearably sensitive, consider Regularity - gut health, calm, soothe

Is this you?
👎🏼can't handle most supplements
👎🏼your gut is a wreck
👎🏼you are very sensitive to everything
👎🏼you have no idea where to start
We strongly suggest helping calm down your system first.

For some, even the slightest amount of malic acid and natural flavors and sweeteners can really upset some people's stomachs. This is usually a strong indicator that the system needs to be calmed down before aggressive protocols are used.

That's where Regularity comes in. Regularity contains MucoSave™ and Sunfiber. MucoSave™ is an excellent ingredient at helping calm upset systems.

MucoSave™ contains bitter herbs that...taste like bitter herbs. You can mix the powder with 4 , 6, or 8 oz or more water (or beverage of your choice) but it is important to drink it.

The Sunfiber is low-FODMAP friendly and is only in a minimal amount. This should not set off issues for those with SIBO, IBS, IBD, etc.

If (and I do mean if) you can handle enzymes, then please also consider the Digestive Enzymes with meals to help break down foods.

Please do this for 60 days and then ask for a protocol.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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