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What is your probiotic doing for you?

If you don't know, look into it.

If your probiotic isn't addressing the core fundamentals for gut health then consider changing.

All other health issues fall under the core gut fundamentals: digestive health, gut barrier integrity, microbial balance, healthy inflammatory responses (calm and not overreactive or overactive), and healthy immune responses.

The gut is connected to just about everything:
✅Hormone health
✅Metabolic health
✅Skin health
✅Brain health (mood)
✅Liver health
✅Nutrient absorption
✅Hair health

When you address fundamentals, everything else falls in line.

Combining Ultimate Probiotic with a wide variety of prebiotics daily ensures microbial diversity, which is very important for gut health.

Ultimate Probiotic contains:
✔️S. boulardii
✔️B. subtilis
✔️B. clausii
✔️B. coagulans
✔️P. acidilactici

This is not a traditional probiotic. Ready to level up your probiotic? Grab yours today. If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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