Biofilms? Nano Scrub to the rescue! - gut health, candida

What do we do for biofilm problems? What do we do when the bad stuff just doesn't want to leave?

You puncture the outer protective shield to allow the whole system to unravel and fall apart.

We like Nano Scrub for this. Nano Scrub is Silver Fern™ Brand's biofilm buster.

As a stand alone product it works amazing. You can find directions on how to gradually increase dosing on this product on our website because it's potent enough you don't want to just jump straight it at a full dose...ESPECIALLY if you have biofilm issues.

Nano Scrub promotes a happy stomach for sure. But it can come with a kick in the beginning so PLEASE ease into it. A "kick" means that if you jump from Month/Step 1 to Month/Step 2 and you have a lot of bad stuff in the gut to smash up then you may feel pretty awful (flu-like discomforts).

For the deepest of deep clean-ups to the gut, please consider the Pathogen Problem Protocols (Cleanse and Nano Scrub together). By the end of Step 2 you will definitely (no questions asked) know it is working (if you have big imbalances). It is very effective. And the first 2 steps of the 3 step protocol only uses 2 products. And none of them are herbs (you most likely have never used this combination since it is unique to Silver Fern™).

Nano Scrub punctures and disassembles bad stuff. Cleanse assists the bad stuff away through a binding action. Cleanse is our gut sponge. This one-two punch is what is needed to knock the bad stuff out.

All joking aside for word play purposes, it does honestly work. You will honestly notice it work. And no, it is not a system that will require you to live on it forever to keep crap at bay. In 3 Steps you can kiss discomforts from imbalances goodbye.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand, or visit for our protocols.

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