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Beating heartburn & acid reflux - gut health, upper GI Relief, indigestion

A lot of people ask about heartburn and reflux each day. A lot. ⁠
Here’s my personal formula/program for addressing⁠
these issues. This formula works for most people and works very well. ⁠
Because each person is different, the dosing needs to be worked out on a per person basis (especially with the Betaine HCL). I’d suggest starting low with Betaine HCL and working up (start at 100 mg and gradually increase).⁠
The ginger in Upper GI Relief has a high dose of Gingerols in it (20% compared to 5% found in most products). Occasionally, some can’t handle the high amount of ginger but that is rare. Just beware that a high dose of gingerols can for some (few) cause a warming sensation in the chest. That is not reflux or heartburn.⁠
I typically suggest a person follow this formula until they have been without acid issues for at least a month. After 3 months a person should be good with 2 capsules of Upper GI Relief per day. Anyone over the age of 40 may consider continuing to take the Digestive Enzymes with larger meals but it may be okay to drop to 1 capsule per meal. After 3 months, the Betaine HCL can be stopped. ⁠
I take magnesium glycinate late afternoon each day to help calm my anxiety (along with our Quiet Serenity), but a person can drop the magnesium and Zinc-Carnosine to lower doses if they’d like or drop them all together.⁠
The higher doses of Upper GI Relief will also address constipation issues. It will take a few weeks, but⁠
constipation issues should go away. The magnesium citrate at the dose in this post will also help⁠
with constipation while the Upper GI Relief is addressing the underlying causes of constipation.⁠

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