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Never ending constipation and how to get your bowels moving again - gut health, probiotics, magnesium, vitamins B1 & B12

This is a program I usually recommend for at least 90 days to make regularity “stick.”
If starting with severe constipation, after several weeks of a really high dose of 3-4 capsules of Upper GI Relief before each meal and once constipation is a thing of the past, dosing can be reduced to 2 capsules before each meal. The really high dosing is to get things moving a bit sooner.
For both moderate and severe constipation problems the goal is to be able to reduce the dosing for the
magnesium and other vitamins to normal daily doses over several weeks as well. Because everyone is unique this dosing needs to be managed on an individual basis.
I typically suggest taking the dosing recommended in this post for at least 4 weeks.
Addressing constipation is typically step 1 of a multi-step process for addressing gut health. I have personally found this step-by-step process to be the most applicable to most people.
Because constipation is frequently started by gut bacteria imbalances (from a variety of causes), I like to immediately address bacteria issues as the next step in the process. This process will help the gut barrier be strong and help build up a healthy gut to address a variety of problems. This process may start with constipation, but it goes well beyond that.

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