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Where to start if you have ALL the symptoms - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, reflux, etc.

Here’s for the “I have it all” people (meaning a wide variety of stomach issues and problems). ⁠
This post is for cases with a combination of several or all the issues mentioned in the post (constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, reflux, nausea, bloating, etc.). It is a short-term, heavy, load-up on supplements to help knock the issues out and be done with them. The dosing is high, but it works. Once the gut is doing well, it only S to tarting be maintained (and dosing can be dramatically lowered).⁠
Step 1 is for people with a combination of these issues is to address dysmotility (way too slow or way too fast digestion) and acid problems. The steps in this post are our “clean up” and “calm down” step before probiotics and prebiotics are introduced. Starting in the wrong spot may result in discomfort and poor results. ⁠
When the gut is slow and acid is low, the foundation is set for bacteria and yeast imbalances as well as a weak intestinal barrier (leaking). When the gut has a high toxin load it needs to be addressed correctly. Please don’t skip the first steps.⁠
If a person has severe constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn/reflux, please start at the early stage⁠
focusing on that specific issue(s) directly until it has improved. If unsure what those steps are, please⁠
send us a comment to ask for them. We are happy to share that protocol. ⁠
Everything else will come in steps 2 and 3 (probiotics and prebiotics). ⁠
Please notice we also add in lifestyle suggestions. These suggestions come from our microbiologist and dietitians for promoting gut health. Plus, they work well.⁠
If I could, I would also say “stop stressing,” but we all know that's a part of life. Stress is a problem for the gut but by following the gut steps laid out by our science team I was able to get my gut health in good order, and I am a person with anxiety and stress. ⁠
Lastly, I have added in additional supplements for someone to consider and the dosing suggestions for them. I don’t have specific brands I recommend, but please try to pick a well-respected brand.⁠
Please do NOT take Cleanse with serious constipation. It can make things worse.⁠

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