Aspartame, its possibly a carcinogen but its also not great for your gut - gut health, artificial sweetener

From a gut health perspective, aspartame is considered a huge gut problem by our microbiome researchers. If you are looking to clean up the gut, we are not going to encourage you to load up on Diet Coke.

Does it cause cancer though? I think the jury is still out on that. I'm not saying it doesn't. But the recent news on it really isn't all the conclusive.

Do many people suggest a wide range of side effects from the use of it? Yes.

If you are pursuing gut health, is it a sweetener you may want to shy away from? We would say yes. At the very least, aspartame contains compounds that are tough for some to digest and may contribute to gas and bloating. It also contributes to changes in the microbiome that are not good.

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