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Allergies, asthma & gut health - probiotics, prebiotics, inflammation, immune system

Are there probiotic strains and prebiotics that are shown to address allergies and allergic diseases (i.e., asthma)? I think so.⁠
One of the first things I noticed from taking real probiotics and prebiotics together was (within 6 months) a reduction of food allergies and hay fever (allergic rhinitis). ⁠
I used to survive spring and summer by regular use of antihistamine medications and nasal steroid treatments. ⁠
When my allergies hit really hard I could hardly breath. Growing up I used to get allergy shots so I could work on the family ranches in the summers.⁠
Now the only time I use a nasal spray or anything else is when a bad cold comes on. Addressing gut health has been key to addressing allergies.⁠
The data suggests that inflammation and the immune system are directly linked to allergies and allergic⁠
diseases. Since the gut affects inflammation and the immune system, it only makes sense that by significantly improving bacteria composition to encourage the best bacterium types and driving out the bad bacteria, one can also reduce allergies and allergic related problems.⁠
Why should one take the right probiotics and prebiotics consistently? They can help address a lot more⁠
than just digestive problems.⁠

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