The Boost Kit can help enhance any weight loss program - probiotics, prebiotics, metabolsim, cravings, diet, exercise

I know there are people that love to count macros, track daily calories, track daily burned calories, track⁠
steps, take notes in the gym, and count how much protein/carbs they are eating every day. Where⁠
performance is measured performance improves, right? ⁠
Tracking my food and calories all day is not sustainable for me. I’d prefer to crave healthy foods, be full and satisfied with smaller portions, and see my body naturally burn fat rather than store it. FYI – I also hate being told I have to stop eating my favorite foods and treats. When I get told not to eat something all of a sudden, I want it more than⁠
The Boost Kit Program was built for people like me and also for people that want to track/count everything because it addresses the cause of cravings, portion sizes, metabolism, and the decision to burn fat rather than store fat. ⁠
A person can layer this program on all the various diet/exercise programs that are promoted on commercials and social media then actually see results long-term from it because it changes cravings, reduces appetite, turns on fat burning, turns of fat storage, and improves the metabolism. ⁠
The Boost Kit Program changes a person’s relationship with food. For stubborn people like me it is the only way to go. As a recovering yo-yo dieter, this has been the only program I like. And I’ve dropped 4 pant sizes since April (2021)!⁠
How does it work? It addresses the one thing other programs don’t, that is the key to predicting weight/fat⁠
loss: improving gut bacteria composition improves body composition. That’s the science. And it works.⁠

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