Your Brain on Sugar

Sugar is toxic to the gut, your metabolism, and your diet, but new research is finding added sugar is toxic to the mind. And none of us want to lose our memories as we get older. Further, this great article from Mindful News & Tips offers even more reasoning for how destructive added sugar is to your diet plan. Here are some very notable points to know from this article:

“Research indicates that a diet high in added sugar reduces the production of a brain chemical known as a brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Without BDNF, our brains can’t form new memories and we can’t learn (or remember) much of anything. Levels of BDNF are particularly low in people with impaired glucose metabolism—diabetics and pre-diabetics—and as the amount of BDNF decreases, sugar metabolism worsens.”

“New research has shown that chronic consumption of added sugar dulls the brain’s mechanism for telling you to stop eating. It does so by reducing activity in the brain’s anorexigenic oxytocin system, which is responsible for throwing up the red “full” flag that prevents you from gorging. When oxytocin cells in the brain are blunted by over-consumption of sugar, the flag doesn’t work correctly and you start asking for seconds and thirds, and seeking out snacks at midnight.”

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