Why take digestive enzymes? - gut health, enzymes, FODMAP, nutrient absorption

Let's start with the basics: Not all enzymes work the same, are of the same quality, and are effective. If you choose to use high-quality enzymes, you still need to take the right enzymes for the right reasons.

There are four reasons to take enzymes:
1) You have an enzyme deficiency from gut issues (low gastric juice production and pancreas issues)
2) You are eating larger portion sizes than your body naturally produces enzymes for
3) You are aging (over 40) so your enzyme production has naturally decreased
4) You don't have adequate bacteria types to help produce enzymes like lactase, protease, etc.

Personally speaking, I used to have bad gut issues and enzymes were a great bridge until my gut was back online and I was able to produce my own enzymes again. Now? I take them to maximize nutrient absorption from my two largest meals of the day with my largest protein, carb, and fat intake. I feel much better when I do this and I know it is helping me maximize my nutrient uptake.

Did you know your body is only equipped to take on about 20-30 grams of protein at a time? Meaning, you aren't using all the protein you are consuming when you consume large portions of protein. In these instances, you may want to consider an enzyme formulation for complete protein digestion (from protein to amino acids). I eat more than that at breakfast and lunch. So, I take Digestive Enzymes formulated by our microbiologist to maximize protein absorption. I take 2 capsules per meal with my two largest protein meals.

We formulated our enzymes to work and work well when taken correctly.

And for those of you that don't need them? That's great. Don't take them!

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