Vitamin D Facts - gut health, nutrients, vitamin D, Vitamin K2

There aren't a lot of nutrients that you aren't going to get from a healthy diet. I'd suggest most people do well (or even better) eating healthy and focusing on nutrient absorption without all the added stuff that companies tell them they must have.

That said, Vitamin D deficiency in the US is prevalent (at least from 2001 to 2018 it was). Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 seem to be scientifically proven to be a dynamic duo too.

There is a reason many internal medicine groups suggest that everyone should be taking vitamin D3 with K2. Most internal medicine groups say that most vitamins are a waste of money.

This is one combination of vitamins I don't miss taking daily. I have my children take it daily.

If you're interested in our approach to vitamin K2-D3 you can find it here. We use a very unique source of Vitamin K2 (MenaquinGold®).

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