Antibiotic Gut Recovery Protocol - gut health, probiotics

Let's assume you have chosen to take antibiotics to address your gut problems. All is not lost. Antibiotics are necessary sometimes. We have a plan for that too. Would you like to make antibiotics work better and also help prevent or reduce the damage caused by them?

Maybe your SIBO won't go away. Maybe your UTIs are just unbearable and you are frustrated. Maybe you have a sinus infection. Maybe you have other issues that require antibiotics.

Whatever the issue, did you know that certain strains of probiotics are shown to help antibiotics work better and are also shown to help reduce the effects of antibiotics on the microbiome?

S. boulardii with antibiotics for SIBO work better together than apart. Meaning, there are better success rates.

B. clausii helps reduce possible antibiotic-induced future H. pylori and UTI infections. (Note: Antibiotic use is a major cause of UTIs.)

B. subtilis together with antibiotics work very well for UTIs.

S. boulardii helps reduce antibiotic-induced imbalances. B. subilits, B. coagulans, and B. clausii are also shown to help prevent antibiotic-induced imbalances. Imagine taking them all together? Not a bad idea, right?

Finally, did you know that high doses of immunoglobulins have been shown to help with SIBO, IBS, IBD, and many other digestive problems? We absolutely love combining immunoglobulins with anything that is going to tear down pathogens. Why? Because they soak up LPS and other toxins released when pathogens are broken down.

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