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What to look for in a probiotic

Posted by Silver Fern™ Brand on

What to look for in a probiotic?

Did you know the main difference between a lean person and an overweight person is the bacteria in their gut? It's true. There are over 100 trillion microbes in your gut in about 7 different species categories we are just going to focus on two of those categories bacteroides and firmicutes.

People who have more bacteroides tend to be skinnier and people who have more firmicutes tend to be heavier. If you have more firmicutes you notice more inflammation, more sugar craving, bloating, decreased immune health, and sometimes even depression.

Many people who have this overgrowth of firmicutes tend to turn to dieting but see no long term weight loss effects because they are not treating the core problem- their gut bacteria.

So I just start eating more yogurt, right? Nope- yogurt actually does not have the right probiotic bacteria to promote weight loss, it contains mostly Lactobacillus. Remember you want the bacteroides family, which very little probiotics on the market currently have. 

When looking for the right probiotic look for:

  1. DNA Verified- In a recent study they found that 98% of probiotics on the self had the different strains than listed on their ingredients. If it is DNA verified, you know the ingredients are what the bottle says they are.
  2. Survives through the stomach or gastrointestinal tract- your stomach has very high levels of acidity to break down food, consequently most strains of probotics also die.
  3. Has the right strains- You want the bacillus family. Not Lactobacillus and bifidodobacterium. Those are the strains most probiotics have, which do nothing for you and are considered filler bacteria.

Once you get a probiotic that has the right strains of bacteria it can help kick out the bad bacteria in your gut and replace it with the bacteria that will help you lose weight, decrease inflammation, improve hunger sensations and cravings. It actually reprograms your gut and your cravings which will lead to long-term weight loss.

At Silver Fern we created the best probiotic on the market. It is DNA verified, survives through the stomach, promotes weight loss through the right strains (the Bacillus family). 

To learn more about how probotics contribute to weightloss, click here for a 100% free no obligation Silver Fern™ ELEVATED weight loss program - https://www.silverfernbrand.com/pages/elevated-weight-loss

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