This Is the Secret to Maximizing Probiotic Benefits for Weight Loss

This Is the Secret to Maximizing Probiotic Benefits for Weight Loss

Probiotics, gut health, and the general health of the microbiome are all being connected to a wide range of a huge health stories in the news. If you read Silver Fern™ ELEVATED, you’ll learn that probiotics can be the solution to permanent weight loss, breaking sugar addictions, and appetite suppression. But did you know, prebiotic fiber feeds probiotics and might be the secret to unlocking the health benefits of probiotics. A recent The Globe and Mail article has some interesting research on prebiotic foods and fighting weight gain:

“While the usual culprits – too much food, too little exercise – account for most weight gain, research published earlier this month in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that a diet lacking prebiotic-packed foods can also contribute to excess pounds over time.”

“Prebiotics are fibrous, non-digestible carbohydrates that, once consumed, make their way to the colon where they fuel the growth of beneficial, probiotic bacteria (e.g., bifiodobacteria and lactobacilli). Feeding probiotic bacteria in the gut is believed to promote better overall health.”

“This longitudinal study – one of the first to examine prebiotic intake and weight gain – suggests that eating more prebiotic-containing foods can mitigate adult weight gain, presumably by altering the composition of gut bacteria.”

“When bacteria feed on prebiotics, compounds called short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) are formed in the process. Certain SCFAs have been shown to increase the release of appetite-suppressing hormones in the gut and reduce calorie intake.”

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