What Silver Fern Brand is not - gut health, supplements

Is Silver Fern™ right for you?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Some people should not buy from us. That's the truth.

We don't like to cut corners. Why? About 7 out of 10 times this results in people having to start over. We hate it.

We focus on complete protocols. Complete. Not half-a**.

We can't promise that when you are doing massive changes to the gut you aren't going to feel anything. Some don't. But many do. If you are looking for a super comfortable process, we can't guarantee that. Why? Many times when you're making drastic changes to the gut, it comes with discomfort. The good news is it's working.

We use extremely high-quality ingredients. Fact. We are not money-grubbing dirtbags like some think. We don't have the margins for retail we wish we did. We aren't even in the same universe as MLM companies. We use the best ingredients to get the job done. Those ingredients are expensive. That's the truth. If you want a $12 probiotic, that's not us.

If you want a quick fix, I suggest laxatives, acid blockers, antibiotics, and other meds. They work. They may come with long-term problems. But dang they work fast. They are a quick fix. We don't sell those.

At Silver Fern™, we pride ourselves in focusing on people first. We pride ourselves in doing the right thing and making the best suggestions we can.

What I'll also promise you is this: We will not stop improving our protocols and products until we can help you as fast and inexpensively as possible. That I promise. And you will see that materialize into reality. But for now, if you work with us, if you do the protocols as suggested (on IG specifically), and if you stick with it, our success rates are high.

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