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Do you know what I am really bad at?

Telling people to do a mediocre protocol that MAY help them when I know if I go big, have them start at the top and work down, and then complete the full protocol the likelihood of them succeeding is high.

Here is my truth. My gut was a wreck. A total disaster. I had lived on antibiotics as a kid from a grandpa who was a doctor. I had everything from reflux, heartburn, food intolerances, and a horrible immune system to a metabolism that was dead. I had massive bloating by about 4 pm each day. Talk about a horrible way to feel. My entire system was a wreck.

I told our microbiologist at the time that I didn't care how bad it hurt, how long it took, or what I had to do, but I was done with everything that came with having an unhealthy body. I didn't care if it hurt. I didn't care what I had to sacrifice. I was done. I wanted my life back. Now I have it back.

Our daughter, Charlie, went through a similar situation as a result of a chronic pain syndrome. She had severe constipation, bloating, etc. She too had to go big. Now at 19, she lives a normal life. She lives away from us. She functions day-to-day without food restrictions and gut problems.

If you want the, "I'm done with this 💩!!!" approach to gut health, DM us on IG and ask for Phil's gut health questions. Ask for that. And then based on your answers, we'll provide you a protocol.

Can we fix everything? Nope. We can't fix bile acid malabsorption (YET) and a few other things. But for most everything else, my approach is damn good, damn thorough, and absolutely not half-ass.

If you have any questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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