What makes Silver Fern Brand different? - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, cleanse, detox

6 Reasons Silver Fern™ Brand is Different:
Most start with the “Band-Aid” approach to gut problems because it is convenient, and they hope the issues will go away on their own. Sometimes this works. Most of the time it doesn’t.
After the “Band-Aid” approach doesn’t work people bounce around from supplement company to supplement company spending thousands of dollars with maybe a little success here and there but
nothing really works. (My wife and I are guilty of this too!)
By the time most people come to Silver Fern™ Brand they are program and product exhausted. Thousands of dollars have gotten them nowhere.
What makes us different?
1. We ask our customers to really focus and dial in on where they need to start for their gut health. Starting in the wrong spot with gut health is doomed to fail from the beginning
2. We ask our customers to go super aggressive upfront. Maintenance dosing of anything (even the very best products) won’t renovate a broken gut
3. Our science team (that formulates our products) specialize in clinical research of the microbiome. They specialize in the research and training of how the microbiome and gut work. We formulate
with the expectation that our customers will have noticeable results.
4. We don’t want our customers to buy products they don’t need. We frequently ask customers not to buy certain products because they don’t need them
5. Our business model is to help people see results. We want to earn trust for the long-term relationship
6. We show our customers how to buy our products for less year-round not just on holidays

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