6 Reasons why most people don't succeed when addressing leaky gut issues - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics

6 Reasons Why Most People Don’t Succeed at Addressing Leaky Gut Issues:
1️⃣ They start halfway through the process, not at the beginning
2️⃣ They jump the gun and start with the wrong products because they have been told for years that the answer is to “always” get on a good probiotic and/or prebiotic
3️⃣ They use maintenance doses to try to correct structural problems
4️⃣ They are used to the “Band-Aid” approach of “fix it quick” as if structure issues get resolved in a 7-day window. Gut problems don’t happen overnight, and they don’t get addressed overnight
5️⃣ Most people address gut issues like yo-yo dieters address weight loss: start a product, change the product, start a new program, and then change to a new program. I think we all struggle with patience when issues are pressing.
6️⃣ They assume all products of similar categories (i.e., probiotics and prebiotics) work the same.
Leaky gut is a foundation problem that leads to all sorts of other issues. At Silver Fern™ Brand we have spent years working with our microbiologist and clinically trained dietitians to come up with programs and protocols to best help our customers.
This approach does help MOST people and they do notice a difference. But to restore or rebuild anything, the start does require some heavy work upfront to be done to correct issues (if structural issues exist).
I do frequently start people on probiotics and immunoglobulins because their foundations are structurally capable of building onto it. But I try really hard not to jump ahead of where a person is at with their gut health.

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