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You either do a gut cleanup right or it may be a waste of money. You either do a gut cleanup right or you will have lingering issues.

Did you know that bacterial imbalances and candida overgrowth are linked?

Did you know that parasites and candida overgrowth may go hand-in-hand?

Did you know that parasites may cause bacterial imbalances?

The fact is, if you are going to try to help clean up one issue you need to try to clean them all up. Otherwise, back to the start, you will go.

We have spent years working to build the most effective and simple gut cleanup. We tested probiotic strains, dozens of different herbs (like oregano), acids, binders, spice extracts, different colloidal silver, etc. To be frank, many of them helped. But they were incomplete.

Some ingredients made our science team worried that they may linger in the body and cause harm (traditional colloidal silver made our science team worried). Some ingredients helped with certain issues but made other issues worse (this happened a lot with probiotics). Some ingredients worked great but then when people stopped taking them all their issues came back.

Guess what? It turns out the gut is complex and takes a lot of work to help restore.

After many years, we finally came to a protocol that we feel is complete.

There are two options:
1️⃣ Mild
2️⃣ Moderate to Severe

If you feel you may have gut barrier problems and some gut discomforts, choose the Mild option.

If you have bad bloating, candida overgrowth signs, small intestine imbalances, moderate to severe diarrhea, an overactive immune system, etc., please choose the Moderate to Severe option.

We don't do protocols halfway. They are big, effective, and comprehensive.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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