6 signs your immune system is weak - gut health, postbiotics

We have a child that comes home sick all the time. She touches everything. She touches her face any chance she gets. And she gets every virus that comes near her school. She absorbs them like a sponge.

As you know, the immune system is about 70 to 80% found in the gut. The gut is 100% key to helping address the immune system.

Our daughter has amazing gut health. Because of that, she is never sick for long. But wouldn't it be nice to knock the sickness down before it shows up? Wouldn't it be nice to hit the issues right when they show up? Wouldn't it be nice knowing you have your system built up to attack those issues when they do show up at home?

Did you know that in other countries they use a specific postbiotic that drives up the immune system's key "fighters" to destroy viruses before they can cause issues, helping decrease sick days? It doesn't just sort of work either. It works amazingly well based on research and experience.

Silver Fern™ is in negotiations with a leading pharmaceutical company to acquire this material for the ultimate postbiotic.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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