What can you do after gallbladder removal? - gut health, digestive enzymes, bile production

Gallbladder removal is no joke. But it doesn't end there, now that you don't have a gallbladder what can you do to help those discomforts? This is something we get asked about all the time.
We recommend helping:
✅Improve digestion
✅Increase bile production

What we find is that taking the right enzymes improves your ability to digest food and reduces discomforts associated with inefficient digestion.

There are 3 secrets to using enzymes:
1️⃣ Take the right enzymes to address the issues you are having.
(There are different types of enzymes, you need to take the right enzymes to address your needs.)
2️⃣ Take enzymes BEFORE your meals. (Taking enzymes after a meal is like trying to buy car insurance after an accident.)
3️⃣ Take the enzymes in the right dosing. (If you only cover 25% of the problem, you're left with 75% to cause all sorts of discomforts.)

We find taking artichoke leaf extract and ginger together is very helpful as well for people w/o a gallbladder. The artichoke leaf extract contains cynarin and choleretic. Cynarin helps with the discharge of bile and choleretic helps stimulate bile production.

If you have had your gallbladder removed you may find ginger to be soothing on your system. Ginger may also help with bile production. As with enzymes, we find it best to take these herbs before or with meals/food to help reduce digestive discomforts.

Carefully dosed by our science team, our Digestive Support Kit has become a favorite for those without a gallbladder.

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