5 signs you have FODMAP intolerances - gut health, digestive enzymes, FODMAP

What do you do if you are constantly bloated? What if you wake up in the morning with a flat stomach and then by the end of the day you look "6 months pregnant?"

Do you want a fast fix or a long-term answer?

For most people, the fast fix is to load up on FODMAP enzymes with meals. Easy peasy (if your bloating is caused by FODMAP foods). You are welcome. Happy Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year!!!

The long-term solution is to fix stuff in your gut. This is not fast, but it will help.

You work on motility.

You totally clean up the gut. Like completely. You nuke the bad bacteria types fermenting foods into gasses that blow you up.

You build up your own enzyme production again.

You establish normal stomach acid levels (so you don't need HCL supplements, etc.).

You reduce inflammation.

This process took me 8 months. One day I couldn't eat broccoli and several types of food w/o blowing up in the afternoon. About 8 months later I started slowly adding them all back. Today? I eat all the healthy foods I want again.

If you want the truth in gut health, we've got you at Silver Fern™.

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