What are the research findings on diatomaceous earth? - gut health, parasites, detox

We get asked about diatomaceous earth a lot. Is it good? Does it work? Should I take it? Here's our view.

I can find blog after blog after blog that talks about all the "evidence" backed research for diatomaceous earth. But those blogs do not then show the research reference studies supporting their suggested health benefits.

The closest research I can find for diatomaceous earth helping with parasites is this:
"The results of this study indicate the DE has the potential to be an effective treatment to help control parasites and improve production of organically raised, free-range layer hens" from 2011. But additional follow up studies were not done to provide additional support for the potential of it helping. So, maybe it works and maybe it doesn't.

Research on cattle using diatomaceous earth in 2010 didn't show any benefits from the use of it.

That all being said, there is also no research saying that food grade diatomaceous earth is bad either.

Do we consider this to be an effective way to clean up the gut (detox), improve nutrient absorption, tear down parasites, etc. ? No.

We think there are a lot better options with a lot more research. Diatomaceous earth can be full of silicon for bones, hair, nails, and skin though. It this the best option for improving bones, skin, hair, and nails? I would say "no" here too.

But if you want to use it, go for it.

What do we recommend for help cleaning up the gut from parasites? Cleanse, Nano Scrub & Upper GI Relief.

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