Understanding the gut is key to helping the gut - gut health, probiotics

Who would you prefer formulate your probiotic?
❌ A manufacturer's dietary supplement formulation scientist?
❌A doctor (cardiologist, surgeon, general family medicine MD, etc.)?
✅A research microbiologist that specializes in the gut

We chose the research microbiologist. 🧑🏽‍🔬

When Silver Fern™ Brand formulated Ultimate Probiotic, we had an industry leading research microbiologist do it because we felt like we needed someone that specialized in the microbiome to put a product together for the microbiome.

A research microbiologist understands the tricks bacteria use to compete in the gut. They know how the gut functions at the organism level and how these organisms impact human health. These are the people at the research level providing data and explanations to other medical professionals.

Let's face it. The gut is complicated. Silver Fern™ Brand needed a gut expert that could help us navigate the needs for managing (not reseeding) the microbiome.

Customers ask us all the time why we don't have a probiotic with a hundred billion CFUs of lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. The quick answer is that our gut expert said not to. He suggested a gut management probiotic with high survivability rather than a reseeding probiotic.

Ultimate Probiotic was formulated to target key underlying needs of the gut to provide a wide spectrum of benefits because when the fundamentals are solid everything else works better.

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