How does Covid-19 affect gut health?

Due to the sensitive nature of COVID and regulations I am not recommending any products or protocols in this post. I'm just responding to the recent findings about COVID-19 and questions I get on COVID.

"It can also affect the lining of the gut, which may allow these bacteria to enter the bloodstream and lead to dangerous secondary infections."

With all the viruses going around is trying to maintain gut health important? YES!

“A huge proportion of your immune system is actually in your GI tract,” says Dan Peterson, assistant professor of pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine"

"Serum derived bovine immunoglobulin/protein isolate (SBI) [also called antibodies] may prevent progression by (1) binding and neutralizing inflammatory antigens, (2) decreasing gut permeability, (3) interfering with ACE2 binding by viral proteins, and (4) improving the fecal microbiome. SBI is therefore a promising intervention to prevent disease progression in COVID-19 patients."

"The immune system has other sets of defenders (B cells, T cells, NKs and DCs) that find and kill infected cells, then preserve a living record of the virus, bacteria or other infectious agent so the body can respond faster the next time it’s under assault."

"Antibodies, on the other hand, are generated after an attacker is discovered, making them part of what’s known as the adaptive immune system. They attach themselves to specific pathogens, which then get gobbled up and destroyed by other members of the immune system‘s team."

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