The right type of saffron can help with menopause related issues - gut health, womens health, menopause, saffron

Menopause is a major physical and mental change for many women.

Saffron may help with the mental and physical discomforts associated with menopause (perimenopause, post-menopause, etc.).

Specific to menopause, it may help with hot flashes, sleep, sex drive, and depression.

The research for saffron covers everything from stress and depression to improved libido, weight loss, lower anxiety, better sleep, and lower cortisol levels. This ingredient is very broad in its benefits and extremely effective.

The secret to using saffron is to use a potent and effective extract with a high percentage of active compounds. There are only a few of these. Most saffron ingredients are not potent or effective.

With a proper quality saffron, the dosing ranges from 15-60 mg. Be mindful, the 60 mg dosing is for sleep so I strongly suggest 30 mg earlier in the day and then another 30 mg closer to bedtime. The 30 mg is for depression, stress, anxiety, lowering cortisol levels, etc.

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