Supplements to calm ADHD - gut health, focus, attention

Do you struggle focusing? Same.

And when I'm not focused it affects everything.
In school, it affected my grades.
As an adult, it affects my work.
For my children it affects their grades, how they interact with friends, behaviors, etc.

For years, I have combined l-theanine with caffeine. It works great for me. And then I added in saffron. This works even better.

As an adult, I take about 200 mg of caffeine, 100 mg of l-theanine, and 30 mg of saffron (the kind shown to help with attention deficit issues). This gives me a good 8 hours of very focused energy. My brain is clear and I'm able to focus really well. I take this combo once a day early in the morning before work.

Then at night, I take more saffron and l-theanine together.

For my teenagers, I have them take about 150 mg of caffeine with 100 mg of l-theanine with 30 mg of saffron. They don't need as much caffeine. They are smaller. Then at night, I have them take more saffron for sleep.

This is also a wonderful way to manage stress.

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