The missing secret to helping with leaky gut issues - gut health, gut barrier

Are you really addressing leaky gut or just part of it?

To help with leaky gut you must first address what is causing it AND THEN you can build the gut barrier back up. Bad bacteria inhibit mucus secretion, leaving the gut barrier open season for pathogens.

Did you know that the mucus layer acts as a protective shield for the rest of the gut barrier? When it is weak and/or damaged your gut barrier becomes an open target to pathogens. Also, the mucus barrier is key component for helping with issues like food allergies. Yet most gut health protocols don't even look at the mucus layer. Like it doesn't exist.

A strong mucus layer is key to preventing bacterial translocation and helping protect the gut mucosa.

As part of our way of helping with leaky gut concerns, we load people up on MucoSave® in the first step of most of our protocols. MucoSave® is found in Regularity and Reflux.

When we build protocols, we like to make sure we help the whole gut barrier, not just pieces of it. Most of our protocols include MucoSave® over a period of time that we have found to be is most effective.

Why use high doses of MucoSave®?
Because it helps with...
✅histamine intolerances
✅nutrient absorption
✅the immune system
✅stomach acid secretion
✅protecting the gut barrier.

If leaky gut is a concern then consider really helping it, not just kind of helping it.

You can take our quiz to find the best place to start with the issues you are having with leaky gut.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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